Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Review: Fright Night 2011

I know this movie was release in August 19th 2011 and I just watched it today. I did not directly watch it when the movie first came out because it was not that interesting. And since I decided to watched the movie, why not do a review.

In general, I can say that the characters names are the same (Da! Of course) but the story is slightly different. Well I am not asking or hoping the remake has to be 100% the same as the original movie. The original Charlie Brewster, he was actually the first to discover his neighbor is a vampire but in the remake his ex-bestfriend (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) was the one to discover Jerry Dandridge is a vampire. And the original Jerry Dandridge he was in a relationship with the Amy lookalike. Then in the remake Jerry Dandridge is interested in Amy because he says "She is Ripe" and when he turns her he thanked Charlie for introducing Amy to him. In addition, because it reminded him how it was to be young like Amy is. To me the remake Jerry Dandridge is a big-time womanizer, also he turns all his meals into a vampire. Where the original Jerry Dandridge is in love with Amy so he turns her and he does not turn all his other meal into one of his own kind, rather he kills them and then disposed of their bodies. 

Besides that, there was a nice surprise where the original Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) appears in the remake as a human who then got killed by the remake Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell). Overall, I find this movie to be an average movie, not too bad and not too good. 

Chris Saradon Made An Appearance In The Remake Fright Night.

A very short review of Fright Night 2011. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sexy Vampires

Since I made a Top 5 Badass Vampires of my choice. Now it is time to make my own Top 5 Sexy Male Vampires and Top 5 Sexy Female Vampires. Alright since I am not a fan of Twilight then my Top 5's does not contain any Twilight characters. To whoever is reading this I hope you will enjoy =)

Let begin shall we?

My Top 5 Sexy Female Vampires

[No. 1] - Akasha "Queen Of The Damned"
    • Her creation as the first vampire occurred circa 4011 BC before the first civilizations. She was worshiped by her progeny through the ages as a myth than a leader and was described by many names. Nonetheless, her original spouse was Enkil. In her human life, she originated from the city of Uruk in the Tigris and Uphrates Valley. Then she went to Kemet met Enkil and became his bride. Akasha became a vampire when she was bitten by Amel. Moving on, she is on my number one list because she is Hot, Sexy, Powerful, Ancient, she moves like a snake (when she dance) and I love they way she talk.

    [No. 2] - Selene "Underworld"
    • As I said before in my last entry on my favorite Top 5 Badass Vampires. Selene always shows her superhuman physical abilities. She can easily kill young vampires with just a few hits. (I did not write much information on Selene because most of her info are already written on my last entry). Next, she is on my number two sexy female vampire because she is of course sexy, handles her weapons well and has killer eyes. 

    [No. 3] - Jessica Hamby "True Blood"
    • She is a young vampire or better know as a baby vampire. She was turn into a vampire by Bill Compton. Is now working at Merlotte's Bar and Grill as a waitress, used to be in a relationship with Hoyt Fortenberry. Before she was turn, Jessica was a god fearing middle class family in Louisiana who was home schooled. Her father always beats her with his belt for the very little things (like her undone chores and bad grades). Besides that, she was never allowed to have a cell phone, a computer, to date and have fun. Jessica was only allowed to listen to Christian music and her clothes must be old fashion (knee length dresses). One night she was persuade by her friends to sneak out and go to her classmate's party and she knew if she was caught by her parents there will be severe consequences. Who would know that it will lead her to her last night as human. Jessica Hamby is at number three because she is smoking HOT add along with her sweet and innocent look, beautiful and not forgetting sexy.

    [No. 4] - Pam (a.k.a. Pamela Swynford De Beaufort) "True Blood"
    • Pam was born in 1971, turned into a vampire in 1905 by Eric Northman. She is fiercely loyal to her maker. She is Eric's business partner at Fangtasia and she will received Eric's beneficiary if he would ever meet his true death. Pam loves women and she is on my top four because despite she loves the color pink, she is very fierce and has an interesting attitude. Nonetheless, she is Hot, Beautiful, Sexy and she has a cool attitude.

    [No. 5] - Lexi (a.k.a. Alexia Branson) "The Vampire Diaries"
    • A 350 year old vampire, whereby, she was born around 1659 and she became a vampire in 1680's. She is also Stefan Salvatore's best friend. She was eventually killed by Stefan's brother Damon Salvatore to prove that Mystic Falls has no more vampires. And every year on Stefan's birthday she visits him to celebrate his birthday. Lexi on my number five list because she is beautiful, nice and even though she is a vampire she still manages to find and keep her humanity.

      My Top 5 Sexy Male Vampires

      [No. 1] - Lestat "Queen Of The Damned"
      • He rise back from decades of long slumber and is determined to step into the light. Lestat was turn by Marius de Romanus. He no longer content with being banished into the shadows and moving among humans who does not see him as what he is so his mission is to reinvent himself as the closest thing to a God on Earth as a rock star. As he made his music which is heard across the world it manages to caught another vampires attention. Attention of the Mother of all Vampires "Akasha" who was resting for centuries. Moving on, Lestat is on this list because he is drop dead gorgeous, an awesome performer, has a very cool attitude and is So Sexy.

      [No. 2] - Drake (a.k.a. Dracula) "Blade Trinity"
      • He was waken in a Syrian Ziggurat Tomb by a group of vampires, which he manage to kill one (if you watch the movie). Drake was ask to kill Blade because he was eliminating the vampire race. To him humans are unworthy unless they prove themselves worth. Besides that, do I need to tell you why he is on my top two sexy male vampires? For those who love Drake, you would know that he is hot, sexy, skillful and very powerful.

      [No. 3] - Eric Northman "True Blood"
      • He is the vampire sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana which encompasses Bon Temps. Eric was turn into a vampire by Godric, he is over 1,000 years old as he was born in Scandinavia during the Viking age. He played by the North Sea as a child, which means he grew up in Denmark or Norway and he is the owner of Fangtasia. Is in love with Sookie Stackhouse, he would do by any means necessary to keep her and take her away from Bill Compton. He unbelievably hot, handsome, sexy, powerful, vicious and well connected.

      [No. 4] - David "The Lost Boys"
      • He was the leader of a vampire gang in Santa Carlas back in 1987. His is mostly calm, smart and lazy. David and his vampire gang always ride on their motorbikes. On the other hand, he is one hell of sexy vampire and at some point he is quite beautiful. (Check out the movie "The Lost Boys 1987").

      [No. 5] - Angel "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"
      • Angel or Angelus, he was born in a middle class Irish linen merchant back in 1727. At the age of 26 he's hooked deeply into alcohol, women and sloth. Angel actually has a good heart and is a well educated man. One day, being what he always is drunk, he manages to catch Darla's attention. Darla lure by promising to show Angel the world and also turn him into a vampire. Nonetheless, when he becomes a vampire it would mean that he will loose his human soul, as where the demon will take over his body. This will mean that he will act upon his dark impulses with no remorse. When Angel's soul was restored and he met Buffy, Angel immediately fell in love with her and the rest is history. Angel is tall, dark and handsome (as they all say), also not forgetting very mysterious. Which is why he is on my top five. 

        Saturday, 26 November 2011

        My Top 5 Badass Vampires

        Here is something a friend of mine suggested to me that I should do either a Top 5 or Top 10 Badass Vampires Of All Time. I think it sounds fun but I rather do my own Top 5 Badass Vampires. Besides that, I know some of you might and might not agree with my choice.

        My Top 5 Badass Vampires
        1. Drake a.k.a. Dracula from "Blade Trinity"
        2. Jared Nomak "Blade II"
        3. Russell Edgingtion "True Blood"
        4. Deacon Frost "Blade I"
        5. Selene "Underworld"
        Below are the images from My Top 5 Badass Vampire Lists:

        Drake a.k.a. Dracula

        Jared Nomak

        Russell Edgingtion

         Deacon Frost


        Now if your wondering why these vampires are badass? (Videos are provided below after each characters, noted that I do not own these videos ~ Enjoy)
        • Drake - He is the original and very strong. He can shape-shift into any human he wants and when he shows his true color DAMN! (watch the movie then you will understand). He's obviously not a daywalker like Blade but he can walk under the sun. Nonetheless, the reason why he is on my No.1 badass vampire list is also because I find him to be so smooth and so evil with a very cool attitude (I am not sure if you get what I mean its alright you can ask me if you want). On the other hand, when Drake turns into the beast within he's lower jaw opens up like Jared Nomak and his upper mouth splits open too. I can safely say I have never seen this kind of vampire before.

          • Jared Nomak - Born as a vampire and a carrier of the "Reaper" virus, it is a mutation of the original vampire which bring alarm to the vampire race. His physiology is different from other regular vampire because a regular vampire has two prominent fangs but Nomak is able to split his lower jaw in exposing his fangs. He will be able to paralyze his victims when he feeds. Has no effect on garlic and silver bullets. Has somewhat the same interest as Blade meaning Blade hates vampires and Nomak hates vampires too.

          • Russell Edgingtion - Vampire King of Mississippi. Over 3000 years old. Quite charming, witty and cultured. Has an army of werewolf's. When he wants something he will get it and if someone gets in his way, he will destroy them (based from what I observed).

            • Deacon Frost - A ladies man. Was turn into a vampire. Frost wants to bring upon The Blood God's and to active it he will need Blade's blood.

            • Selene - Born to a Hungarian family. Frequently uses her superhuman physical abilities and her super strength to pin Micheal against the wall. Performs amazing leaps and strikes her enemies with incredible force.

            Basically, all these characters are on my Top 5 list is because they are very eye-catching to me. Yes, they are very strong and some are mysterious. But the main thing is they are able to catch my attention. I can't explain it in details because most of the explanations are the same. I also know that most of you who are reading my blog now do not agree with my choice but Hey! everyone has their own choices.

                  Tuesday, 22 November 2011

                  Vampire Website

                  Today I decided to go through my article's comments because I can't remember how many comments people comment on an article and then I found a new comment on "Introduction to Vampire & History Of Vlad III The Impaler". This person was kind enough to give me a website to which I Google it as 'MR/MRS Anonymous' asks so. (For the record I am not sure if I am allow to displaying the name if this website because I do not wish to provoke trouble, if the website is not allow to be display on my blog please do let me know so I may remove it from my blog) The website is "Drink Deeply and Dream" (please visit if you wish to know more).

                  There's quite a few stuff you can read in this website. They are well organized to which category you want to read. Besides that, you can also ask them questions. Above that, they even have their own store, which they sell hats, t-shirts and more. 

                  By the way, if anyone has any good vampire website please let me know. I do love a good read.
                  Thank You =D

                  Sunday, 20 November 2011

                  Dear Veronica

                  Veronica "Whoever The Hell You Are"

                  I do not know if you really are a vampire or your just a wannabe but I am guessing you might be a wannabe. Cos if you were not a wannabe then you would not get offended by my blog because so far what I wrote on all my articles, I did not write anything bad about vampires. Hence, I think I am glorifying real life vampires (they are awesome :D). My intentions are pure and I did not come here to write bad things about vampires, hell I rather find them INTERESTING!

                  Besides that, I would like to thank you for your insulting comments on my chat-box. I was running out of things to write, until you came along. Here is your 15 minutes of fame Veronica, I wish to know your last name or you want me to help name your last name? :D. If my statements are SO fake please by all means educate me, I am always up for new information.

                  Observe Image A below written by the person who claim's she is a vampire and a know it all on vampires.

                  Image A

                  By the way, you MORON "Veronica" I know that not all vampires are as what I wrote. They are some based on articles I wrote from movies, television series. And some are from videos I found and did some research on it. I only wrote based on what I found from online resources, articles, YouTube and books. So please try to understand, my point is not to hurt anyone (real life vampires and non-vampires). I am just trying to help non-vampires in educating them and on my part to learn more about real life vampires.

                  My apologies due to this idiot I was force to write my blog off topic. But please any topic you have in mind to share with me please do ~

                  Thank You and have a nice day. :)

                  Wednesday, 21 September 2011

                  Baby Vampires

                  When you hear the word "Baby Vampire", what comes to your mind? Is it a human being turn into a vampire or a little kid turn into a vampire? (If it makes any sense to you)

                  First I will be covering on humans being bitten by a vampire and they become one of them. It's pretty obvious how it works right? Besides, I am sure everyone who has seen vampire movies before knows what I am talking about. If you still do not get what I meant, it is alright, because I am here to explain.

                  Anyway, you know the hit television series "True Blood" and a character you may know that goes by the name Jessica Hamby she's consider as a baby vampire. She's call a baby vampire because she is a new vampire. Baby vampire like Jessica can be very dangerous compare to an older vampire. Because they have uncontrollable emotions, acts on impulse whereby, they do not think of the negative outcomes. 

                  Jessica Hamby "True Blood"

                  Now, what about Claudia? You know the little vampire girl in "Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles 1994". Below is a photo of Claudia.

                  Unlike for Jessica Hamby where she was turn into a vampire at the age of 17. And Claudia was turn at the age around 5 or 6 years old. The problem with Claudia is as the years go by, her mind matures but her body will always remain the same. Bound to be trap in a 6 year old little girls body and she starts to hate herself (if I may use that word) and hate the vampire who made her (Louis and Lestat), because she wants to have a beautiful woman's body (an adult's body). So she is fill with envy and rage, that one night she kill a woman who she have been stalking and hid her in her room, she then cover her body with her toys. When her body was discovered by her maker, she explain that she can never have a body like the dead woman in her room. Somehow, although vampires are vicious but some vampires like Claudia you just can't help but feel sorry for her. This concludes my topic for the day.

                  Have a nice day and I hope you enjoy reading.

                  Monday, 19 September 2011

                  Vlad Dracula III "The Impaler" Torture Method

                  Hey there everyone, it has been awhile since I blog. As usual been real busy. Anyway, as I written before in my early article about Vlad Dracula III, on how he was one of the historic figure to be label as a vampire where he consumes his victims blood. This time I am not going to repeat the same thing but I am going to write about his torturing method. I would love to say methods, unfortunately I only know one method he is well known for which is impaling his victims.

                  When I was doing some research (I Meant Without Books) on Vlad Dracula III all I read was he loves to impale. I though he would just impale his victim like in the picture (Figure A) I provided. 

                  Figure A.

                  But! When I bought a book on vampire mythology by Charlotte Montague, Vlad Dracula III was in it and the book explain that he would torture his victim in a way I would have never expected. Slow death was Vlad Dracula III's thing. As from the book it said he "perfected a method of impalement to create maximum pain before death". He would use a large wooden stake, sharpen the edge (but not too Sharpe) and oil it. Then he would insert the victim's body through the anus and force it right through until it came out of the victim's mouth. This torturing method can go on for hours or days and after the victim is finally dead the body will be left on the stake until it rots away. Just like in Figure B.

                   Figure B.

                  Besides that, I know I said I only know his impaling method. But other methods I read is he would burn, skinning, roasting, boiling and drowning. He would also cut off their limbs, nailing their hats to their head, torturing babies and children. He also force the victim's relatives to eat their flesh. 

                  On the other hand, he was particularly vicious towards women. And if women who are unmarried or adulterous will had their breasts and sexual organs cut out.

                  Let me know what you think and what other methods you heard, seen or read ~ Have a nice day =D

                  Thursday, 11 August 2011

                  Vampire Books (NOT NOVELS)

                  I went out this week with my girlfriends and we hangout at a bookstore (or should I say the only bookstore worth going too). We hung out and I always look around for new interesting books on vampires, which they rarely have ( and this only happens like once in a blue moon). And I never expected to come across these books. When I saw them I got super excited because I always wanted to have books on vampires ( I don't mean novels). The next thing I did was I bought them without thinking twice. I needed all the help I can get from books. And the internet is not giving me enough because even if they have the books I want I can't get them, my reason I have no credit card (how sad is that). 

                  Anyways, I know the books I bought are not enough, because they are not deep enough into the vampire history. But I appreciate what I can get. The pictures below are the books that I was talking about. I personally like the Charlotte Montague's book, not because it's more expensive or because it has twilight (Not a twilight fan =D) its because the book give more detail about the history of vampire, not forgetting the book already mention "The Complete Guide to Vampire Mythology". 

                  The Vampire Book: The Legends, The Lore, The Allure. This book for me is not that bad either because I came across a few things I heard when I was a little girl. Like "monstrous maiden", "ghastly goblin" and "not all there" (or The Pontianak). They used to scared the living shit out of me, where I could not sleep at night. I never thought I would see them in this book.

                  Let me know if there are any other books on vampires. Also let me know what you think about this books. Are they useless, completely bullshit and excreta... 

                  Sunday, 24 July 2011

                  What's Up With The Fright Night REMAKE?!

                  Hey There Everyone!! 

                  It's been awhile since I updated my blog. The reason for my absent is because my blog is being graded by my lecturer. Well this blog is actually for an assignment of mine. I decide to continue blogging because this is a topic (vampire) I love to continue writing and give people awareness. I would write only about vampire related on movies, novels and from my past articles "real life vampires". I'm sure by now you get why every article I wrote in the past always has references. Plus, I was not using any FOUL WORDS. I must say it is good to be back, now I can write what I want (vampire related), say what I want (but I will not be offending peoples feelings) and I don't have to do any referencing anymore. 

                  Moving on, as of late something has been bothering me, which is a movie remake of Fright Night 2011. It bothers me because I personally thing the first "Original" Fright Night release in 1985 was an AWESOME movie. By the way, I did not forget Fright Night 2 release in 1988, Fright Night 2 was also an awesome movie. Back to my point, I just don't see the point of making a remake, yes I know Collin Farrell is in the latest Fright Night movie and he plays the character of Jerry Dandrige "the mysterious hot new neighbor". For me I think the original Fright Night's music sounds better (VERY SEDUCTIVE), the scenes are better and the characters are cuter. But this is based on my own opinion, perhaps, I am just a sucker for 80's vampire movie.         

                  Fright Night 1985

                  Here Are Some Of The Scenes From Fright Night 1985 

                  Fright Night 2 1988

                  Here Are Some Of The Scenes From Fright Night 2 1988 

                  Fright Night 2011

                  Here are the trailers of Fright Night 1985, 1988 and 2011. Enjoy!!

                   Fright Night 1985
                  (Sorry For This Trailer, It's A Complete Spoiler Of The Whole Movie)

                   Fright Night 2 1988
                   (Sorry For This Trailer Either, A Spoiler For The Whole Movie)

                  Fright Night 2011 "Remake"

                  Let me know what you think about the original movie and the remake.

                  Saturday, 21 May 2011

                  Comparing Vampire Movies

                  For this week’s entry I will be comparing vampire movies. I will be writing about the differences and the similarly of vampire movies, and not forgetting vampire television series too. In the old vampire movies for vampires, their appearances are unattractive compared to the vampires nowadays. Example, Nosferatu he was super pale, real ugly, bold and had real long nails (ok, perhaps some other vampires in vampire movies do have long nails). But the vampires in this century are gorgeous, basically, you can name any movies or any television series mostly all the vampires are very good looking. For instance, “Twilight”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “True Blood”, “Queen of the Damned”, “The Lost Boys (1987)”, “Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles”, “The Forsaken”, “Fright Night” and more.

                  "Nosferatu 1922 Trailer" (TheNosferatuMysteria, 2009)

                  Besides that, vampires are not supposed to go under the sun because it is deadly to them. Unfortunately, some vampire movies and television series are able to be exposed to sunlight. Example, “Twilight” and “The Vampire Diaries”, but at least not all of the characters in The Vampire Diaries are able to be exposed to sunlight. A vampire will need a ring and a witch to cast a spell on it so they are able walk in daylight. On the other hand, for Twilight it’s a completely different thing. Why so? It’s because they are able to walk under the sun without turning into ashes and they do not need a ring whereby a witch can cast a spell on it. All it does to the vampires in Twilight is sparkle.

                  Edward Cullen Sparkles Under the Sun (Bartyzel, 2010)

                  The first photo is Stefan and Damon Salvatore in a car in daylight. And the second photo where the sun reflected toward Stefan's body where he did not turn into dust. If you also notice that when he was passing a photo of Katherine to Bonnie, on his hand was a ring. That ring is the only thing which keeps him alive when he is under the sun.

                  (Anonymous, 2010)

                  (Anonymous, 2010)

                  Moving on, some vampires can eat regular food and consume blood and some vampires do not eat regular food but could only consume blood.
                  Vampire Movies/Television Series Who Consume Food and Blood:
                  Vampire Movies/Television Series Who Do Not Consume Food but only Consume Blood:
                  However, in the movies vampires are originally human who turns into a creature of the night and once you turn into a vampire you will stay that way for all eternity. But there are also some movies that were human turn into a vampire and then finds a way to turn themselves back to human. Example, Daybreakers, Near Dark and Blade Trinity. In Blade Trinity, a character name Hannibal King was turn into a vampire then he was treated and is now a human again. So there are variety methods to turn vampires back to human but it is based on the story if the movie.

                  Daybreakers (Loder, 2010)

                  Near Dark (Accomando, 2009)

                  Blade Trinity (Realfirstavenger, 2008)

                  Hence, vampires are supposed to sleep in coffins and they prefer to stay in a crypt. A lot of vampire movies do still use the story where vampires do sleep in coffins and a few of them do not sleep in coffins in one particular movie where vampires do not sleep at all is yet again Twilight. Over the years vampire movies made drastic transition, movie by movie their symptoms of vampirism are different. Are not crucifixes deadly to vampires? What about holy water, garlic and church? One way or another as the generation progresses the vampires in movies and television series change whether we like it or not. The only thing which seems to stay the same is their thirst for blood.

                  A Vampire's Coffin (Anonymous, n.d.)

                  Then again, similarly from all the vampire movies and television series are the need to consumer blood. From the movies I watched which had similarly are "Queen of the Damned", "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles" and "The Vampire Diaries". Their similarity are in according to turn a human into a vampire they will need to exchange blood and once exchange their human body dies and they instantly turn into a vampire. These films share the same transition in turn into a vampire and not forgetting the two movies share similar names like Lestat ("Queen of the Damned" and "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles"). All of the vampire movies/TV series I watch over the years once turn into a vampire, they will never grow old. But for Blade Trilogy the vampires will grow old, its process of aging is at a much slower rate compare to humans.   

                  Lestat "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles" (Ubranvamp, 2008)

                  Lestat "Queen of the Damned" (Hero, 2010)

                  "The Vampire Diaries, TV Series" (Rocks, 2010)


                  Thursday, 19 May 2011

                  Introduction to Vampire & History Of Vlad III The Impaler

                  When we hear the word vampire, what’s the first thing that came to our mind? They are known as the undead. They will never age and will never die. Vampire are without souls, they sleep in coffins and drink blood. Well we all know that vampire’s does not exist, they only exist in the movies and in vampire novels constructed by our imagination. But nowadays, their are people who self proclaimed themselves born as vampires, like "Don Henrie". He is known as the top of all vampire society and the vampire of our time. He admits in an interview that he drinks blood, sleeps in a coffin and does not engaged in any sexual activity. 

                  The Vampire Don Henrie (Princess, 2009)

                  Moving on, to feed your curiosity of "The Vampire Don Henrie". Here is a video of an interview, where he was interviewed by Tyra Banks on the "Tyra Banks Show".   

                  "Tyra Investigates The Vampire Culture" (PatroclusLover, 2009)

                  My apologies eventually, part 2 of "Tyra Investigates The Vampire Culture" had been removed. But Please do go on to watch part 3, 4 and 5. And I manage to post only one video because I had difficulty posting the other three videos which does not include the part 2 video. To watch part 3, 4 and 5, please click on the hypertext that has been provided.

                  The vampire novel is inspired by Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel “Dracula”. And Bram Stoker was inspired to write the novel from a historic figure Vlad III Dracula or better known as Vlad the Impaler. He was the Prince of Wallachia. Vlad grown quite a reputation inflicting the cruelest punishments on his victims (Williams, 2009). 

                                        Vlad III the Impaler (Harker, 2009)                       

                  Here are videos of Vlad the Impaler "History of the Romanian Prince".

                  Part 1 (Transilvanius, 2009)
                  Part 2 (Transilvanius, 2009)

                  Part 3 (Transilvanius, 2009)