Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Where To Get Realistic Vampire Fangs?

Hi Everyone!!

You know I've posted an article on "Scarecrow Vampire Fangs". I always wanted to try one but never actually went online to purchase them. So as of late I was browsing around and I found two websites that sells the scarecrow vampire fangs. And as you know this month is October and Halloween is coming. YEAH!!! =))

So as I browsing and trying to decide which type of fangs to get, I ended up buying two types of fangs. I just bought them and it will take about 11 to 14 days to reach me after the shipping. I am really excited and I can't wait to get them, I do hope they fit me. I will let you know which type of fangs I bought and also I will leave the links down below for ya'all.

Alright, I bought the "Scarecrow Custom Fangs Original Toothcaps" & "Scarecrow Small Deluxe Custom Fangs". For me they cost quite a lot because of the shipping fees, but I really hope that they are worth it.

Scarecrow Custom Fangs Original Toothcaps

Scarecrow Small Deluxe Custom Fangs

Now, once I get the fangs I will try them on and then I will put up a post again on the fangs. I will also post up a photo of me wearing them.

I got my fangs from Hot Topic:-->> http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/store/Nodes.jsp
(they only have two types so I got them both =D)
And if you want more choices with color fangs "YES. COLOR FANGS". 
Scarecrow Custom Fit Vampire Fangs & Dental Effects:-->> http://www.vampfangs.com/Scarecrow-Fangs-s/32.htm

Let me know how the fangs are if you have them. Do you like them, do they fit well and would you recommend them to your friends?

Have A Nice Day Everyone =D