Sunday, 5 August 2012

True Blood - Babyvamp Jessica

Hey there everyone,

I will be honest, I am running out of things to write. With work piling up its hard for me to come up with topics. So what I will do today is write a short and simple things on the hit television series True Blood!! I love true blood, just couldn't get enough of it. 

My favorite characters are Eric Northman, Sookie Stackhouse, Pam (Eric's Progeny), Jessica Hamby (Bill's Progeny) and Godric (Eric and Nora's Maker). Well this is just a little info on who's my favorite character. But you have to admit it that Godric's death is simply too soon.

Besides that, what I want to let some of you true blood and Jessica Hamby fans out there who are not aware of this, that she has a blog. She blogs about life of a young vampire, sometimes she also uploads video. Also if you are a True Blood follower on Facebook then, you are fully aware of this, but if you are not then today's post is to inform you. 

I was not aware of her blog until recently which was not to long ago, she has been blog for sometime and I was not even aware of it. How slow of me ~ Well you can subscribe to her blog for all the latest info. Or I will make it easier for you, I will put down a link below.

FYI, my favorite post of hers is on Confessions of a Vampslut, just because Pam is in it. I just love her attitude and her style. One word to describe her "Fabulous".

That all for now. And have a nice day!!

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