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Believers & Non-Believers in Real Life Vampires

There will always be a constant issue with people who do not believe in the existence of a real life vampire. And some people even say “if you think you’re a vampire or even think vampires really exist on earth then you are a moron. Harsh words but these are words we will hear everyday from a non-believer. There are other far worst words being said then this but its life. It will be a tough job to make a non-believer into a believer, for me and to others who believe in the existence of a real life vampire it is not necessary to go through great lengths to prove that they are real. But people do need to be educated on their existence, either they choose to accept it or not.

Today is your lucky day as to some of you who are curious. A woman name Michelle Belanger, she is a self-described “Psychic Vampire” and a spokesperson for the modern vampire cult movement. Michelle Belanger is a best seller author of the Psychic Vampire Codex. Her best selling book on Psychic Vampire Codex introduces readers to the captivating system of energy work used by vampires “themselves” and provides the actual codex text widely used by the vampire community for instruction in feeding and other techniques. Besides that, Belanger also examines the ethics of vampirism and offers readers methods of protection from vampires. The Psychic Vampire Codex explodes all preconceptions and myths about who and what psychic vampire really are. Thus, revealing vital and profound spiritual tradition based on balance, rebirth and an integral relationship with the spirit world. On the other hand, Belanger is a skilled energy worker and the founder of House Kheperu.

Michelle Belanger (Meyers, 2010)

Michelle Belanger Best Seller (Anonymous, 2010)

So if you’re wondering what is a Psychic Vampire? Well psychic vampire they do not drink blood but they take other peoples energy, it can be their own donor or simply take it from people who they do not know. Believe it or not they need it to survive just like in the movies. If you’re wondering how they take energy from people? Here are a few ways psychic vampire take energy (or feed on a person’s energy) from people:
  1. Contact Feeding
  2. Directional Feeding
  3. Tendril Feeding
Actually psychic vampire and blood vampire are similar. Because both require energy, when blood vampire drinks fresh blood they consume energy which is within the blood. It is only the form of feeding energy which is different.

Contact Feeding
Contact feeding means when a psychic vampire makes contact with its donor like touching them. Example, psychic vampire’s can take your energy by a hug, holding your hands. And if they wish to get more energy from their donor it can go as far as kissing or sex.
Besides that, there are things like taking and sending energy. Well everyone have a hand which can send and take energy. To say if you write with your right hand then, your left hand is to drawn energy, while, your right hand is to send out energy and vice versa.

Contact Feeding (Anonymous, 2005)

Directional Feeding
For directional feeding their methods are also using hands to but not a direct contact to the person they wish to take the energy from. But when I say psychic vampire using this method with their hands are by turning their hands into a heart shape, an arrow shape, heart out shape and others. Then they point at their preferably donor or above a crowd to take in the ambient energy. And while they are drawing energy from their donor whom they prefer or from a crowd, must remember to breath. As you breathe in, focus on drawing in with your mouth open to begin with.

Image 1 - Heart Shape (Anonymous, 2005)

Image 2 - Arrow Shape (Anonymous, 2005)

Image 3 - Heart Out Shape (Anonymous, 2005)

Tendril Feeding
This technique is more advanced and it is what most psychic vampires use for feeding. I will be explaining in more detail on how this technique is used.
The Tendril Feeding Drawing in with Breath
For this method a psychic vampire will need to focus on a donor from across the room. Next, they reach out with their mind envision a long tendril extending from their subtle body to the donor. Psychic vampires attach their tendril so that it penetrates, if it does not happen for the first time then “Try Again”. Now they envision their tendril hollow and suck in the energy like a vortex by using their will. And as they inhale, they will draw in the energy with them.

Tendril Feeding (Anonymous, 2005)

The way psychic vampires take energy may seem silly to you who are a non-believer but this is not a silly matter because psychic vampires really apply this methods so they are able to continue their daily life.
Thus, when you read this article I am sure you are rolling your eyes or saying “Yeah Sure” or even “This Girl Is Crazy” but this is how it will always be when you are a non-believer, call them whatever you want but they could not care much of what you think of them.



♪abel said...

if they feed on energy, does that mean they don't need food? (o0)

Apple said...

Not necessary Abel. Some can go for day without food if they feed on energy. But others they take just enough to survive and they consume food too ~
Thank You for you comment =D

MiCa ApriLish said...

That woman look freaks me out..She herself can be a vampire already!! I don't really get what you trying to say, it quite confusing...Can you overall tell me what's the story about?? =)

Apple said...

Really its confusing? I thought I clarify enough.
Anyways, basically for my third article its all about the existence of "real life vampires". Where you choose to believe or not believe in their existence.
Besides that, real life vampire have their own methods of feeding. From drinking blood or sucking energy from donor. But for this article i decide to educate people on psychic vampires.
Is it less confusing now?? thank you for you comment =D

Father JP said...

Nice article with trying to explain such a difficult topic rather well. Not to mention not putting us in a negative light but keeping an open mind as most are not negative emotional feeders and try not to hurt anyone.

Father JP Vanir
founder Vampyrian TempleUVUP

Apple said...

Thank You Father JP for your positive comment it meant a lot to me, much appreciated. =D

luv_beatrice said...

it's quite informative and interesting~
As I was deeply influenced by Chinese movies, i notice that the vampires in the movies only drink blood.
However, the ghost/ spiritual object, DID sucks human's energy.
Just a thought of it, no evidence. =)

Apple said...

Yes only in the movies where vampires only drink blood but these are real life vampires and psychic vampires.
I do have evidences(videos) on interviews where they explain types of vampires but I do not think its appropriated to show them. Because most people will not believe them anyways.(I know this part is not necessary but hey ~ just to let you know)
Anyways, Thank You Very Much for your comment. Much Appreciated. =D

D, , said...

I wonder if you read that book? i read it , and being a sang did not like the part where she said not to mistake the desire for blood. i've been at this a few more years than her or the forward ... I do not consider vampirism to have much to do with spirituality or magic, most perceptions of magik are that of energy. and manipulation of it, most of us sangs do not perceive energy in the fashion placed in that book,
these hand shapes seem to over complicate what i view as simple.
LOGIC, a new psi feeds naturally. learning to control; or direct this would not require this book , only a conscious and practice, such as other younglings discover on their own, though a mentor will teach you more , if it is just down to survival. no problem. that is left to instinct.
D, ,

Apple said...

Thank you for your comments "D,,".

First of all, I am not a vampire and unfortunately I did not read the book. And i know what your thinking...i should not even touch on this subject at all. I know my problem is I only write what I know based on my research from the net instead of reading the books. But they do not sell these books here and if you say I can purchase these books online, then your right but I do not have any credit cards or what so ever. I have financial problems (a little too detail). I do not know if that is a good enough excuse but I am sure it isn't.

Anyways, from what i know is different vampires have their own things. Different ways to feed. If I had a vampire friend it would make things more easier for me to write. I would never want to write things which are not true and would cause me to disrespect you. But with that being said, I appreciate your honestly and although I did not answer your question since I am way out of my league I can't give you the answers you want.

Anonymous said...

hello im a young vampire slayer im not saying there bad 2 of my best friends are vampires id really like to meet you im sorry i cant say my name but my vampire freinds are happy that you show interest in them

Apple said...

Hello There Anonymous (to July 2nd 2012)

I'm glad your vampire friends are happy with my blog. Personally I have nothing against vampires. I am actually interesting in them. They are more interesting then some people I know.

It is perfectly alright that you do not state your name. I too would love to meet you and your friends. =)

Thank you for your comment & have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I'm half vampire half human if you ever want to talk or ask questions in here to answer them the best I can

rodanie rubias said...

How did u become a vampire? Coz i want to b one.

rodanie rubias said...

Hi... my name is rodanie... im really fascinated about vampires. I wish to be one.

rodanie rubias said...

Here's my email address f u want to send me ur answers and my facebook

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