Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Vampire Fangs

Like in the movies vampire have fangs, their fangs comes out when either they are about to feed on the innocent, get into a fight or gets sexually turn on (as from the TV Series “True Blood”). Fangs have been one of vampire trademarks and also in some vampire movies their eye color are different from normal humans.

For real vampires in United States they have places where you can get them done. They help you bring out based on how your inner nature is like. They can choose to be more obvious or make them non-obvious but with a twist. When I say twist it means on the outside, they dress and look normal but once they open their mouth and start talking people will know he/she is a vampire. They have various types of vampire fangs and contact-lenses. All you have to do is tell them what type of contact-lenses and type of vampire fangs you like and they will achieve to your expectations. Vampire fangs they have “Classic Vampire Teeth (a.k.a Dracula Teeth)”, “All Sharp Vampire Fangs”, “Nosferatu Vampire Fangs” and more. So what are the differences between all these vampire fangs? Well let me simplify it for you.

Classic Vampire Teeth
They only have single fangs like Dracula, observe from the image given. It does not look that intimidating at the first sight but it is the aftermath you should be terrified of.

Dracula Fangs (Rattigan, 2005)

All Sharp Vampire Fangs
From reading “All Sharp” you can guess how the vampire fangs are. The fangs look scarier as you do not regularly see modern vampires have.

This is what it looks like if they have "All Sharp Vampire Fangs" (Anonymous, 2009)

Nosferatu Vampire Fangs
If you seen Nosferatu’s fangs then you might know how it looks like. You will notice the two front incisors are longer than the other fangs.

Nosferatu Fangs (Anonymous, 2009)

To look for more vampire fangs please click on the hypertext provided. Click Here!

Moving on, here are some of the contact-lenses to match with their vampire fangs. They have so many types of colors, designs and sizes.

(Anonymous, 2010)

(Ben, 2008)

(Anonymous, 2008)

I personally think having vampire fangs are awesome and it goes together with vampire contact-lenses.



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