Monday, 19 September 2011

Vlad Dracula III "The Impaler" Torture Method

Hey there everyone, it has been awhile since I blog. As usual been real busy. Anyway, as I written before in my early article about Vlad Dracula III, on how he was one of the historic figure to be label as a vampire where he consumes his victims blood. This time I am not going to repeat the same thing but I am going to write about his torturing method. I would love to say methods, unfortunately I only know one method he is well known for which is impaling his victims.

When I was doing some research (I Meant Without Books) on Vlad Dracula III all I read was he loves to impale. I though he would just impale his victim like in the picture (Figure A) I provided. 

Figure A.

But! When I bought a book on vampire mythology by Charlotte Montague, Vlad Dracula III was in it and the book explain that he would torture his victim in a way I would have never expected. Slow death was Vlad Dracula III's thing. As from the book it said he "perfected a method of impalement to create maximum pain before death". He would use a large wooden stake, sharpen the edge (but not too Sharpe) and oil it. Then he would insert the victim's body through the anus and force it right through until it came out of the victim's mouth. This torturing method can go on for hours or days and after the victim is finally dead the body will be left on the stake until it rots away. Just like in Figure B.

 Figure B.

Besides that, I know I said I only know his impaling method. But other methods I read is he would burn, skinning, roasting, boiling and drowning. He would also cut off their limbs, nailing their hats to their head, torturing babies and children. He also force the victim's relatives to eat their flesh. 

On the other hand, he was particularly vicious towards women. And if women who are unmarried or adulterous will had their breasts and sexual organs cut out.

Let me know what you think and what other methods you heard, seen or read ~ Have a nice day =D

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