Thursday, 11 August 2011

Vampire Books (NOT NOVELS)

I went out this week with my girlfriends and we hangout at a bookstore (or should I say the only bookstore worth going too). We hung out and I always look around for new interesting books on vampires, which they rarely have ( and this only happens like once in a blue moon). And I never expected to come across these books. When I saw them I got super excited because I always wanted to have books on vampires ( I don't mean novels). The next thing I did was I bought them without thinking twice. I needed all the help I can get from books. And the internet is not giving me enough because even if they have the books I want I can't get them, my reason I have no credit card (how sad is that). 

Anyways, I know the books I bought are not enough, because they are not deep enough into the vampire history. But I appreciate what I can get. The pictures below are the books that I was talking about. I personally like the Charlotte Montague's book, not because it's more expensive or because it has twilight (Not a twilight fan =D) its because the book give more detail about the history of vampire, not forgetting the book already mention "The Complete Guide to Vampire Mythology". 

The Vampire Book: The Legends, The Lore, The Allure. This book for me is not that bad either because I came across a few things I heard when I was a little girl. Like "monstrous maiden", "ghastly goblin" and "not all there" (or The Pontianak). They used to scared the living shit out of me, where I could not sleep at night. I never thought I would see them in this book.

Let me know if there are any other books on vampires. Also let me know what you think about this books. Are they useless, completely bullshit and excreta... 


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