Thursday, 24 May 2012

Roman Legend, Child Born of Vampire

Here is what I recently read, a fun fact for all of you that which is according to Roman Legend if a vampire stared at a pregnant woman, she will have a vampire child. As it was once commonly believed that the child could be marked in their mother's womb by something the mother saw or experienced while she is pregnant. But there are very little evidence as to exactly how a woman would know that she is actually looking at a vampire. On the other hand, there are way too little story on this topic which is hard to support or write about.

Honestly, I never heard of this legend before and it's quite interesting. Also I find that it is difficult to do a research on this topic. Besides, when I was looking for some new information on Google it always comes up with twilight vampire child. Basically, for this topic it has nothing to do with the child born of vampire like in the movies. When all the research ends up with a movie related. And this is all I can write about but if you have anything that relates to this topic please do share.

For all true blood fans as you know their 5th Season will start in June 10th. As a fan myself I can't wait for it, extremely excited.

Have a nice day =)

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