Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dear Veronica

Veronica "Whoever The Hell You Are"

I do not know if you really are a vampire or your just a wannabe but I am guessing you might be a wannabe. Cos if you were not a wannabe then you would not get offended by my blog because so far what I wrote on all my articles, I did not write anything bad about vampires. Hence, I think I am glorifying real life vampires (they are awesome :D). My intentions are pure and I did not come here to write bad things about vampires, hell I rather find them INTERESTING!

Besides that, I would like to thank you for your insulting comments on my chat-box. I was running out of things to write, until you came along. Here is your 15 minutes of fame Veronica, I wish to know your last name or you want me to help name your last name? :D. If my statements are SO fake please by all means educate me, I am always up for new information.

Observe Image A below written by the person who claim's she is a vampire and a know it all on vampires.

Image A

By the way, you MORON "Veronica" I know that not all vampires are as what I wrote. They are some based on articles I wrote from movies, television series. And some are from videos I found and did some research on it. I only wrote based on what I found from online resources, articles, YouTube and books. So please try to understand, my point is not to hurt anyone (real life vampires and non-vampires). I am just trying to help non-vampires in educating them and on my part to learn more about real life vampires.

My apologies due to this idiot I was force to write my blog off topic. But please any topic you have in mind to share with me please do ~

Thank You and have a nice day. :)

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