Saturday, 26 November 2011

My Top 5 Badass Vampires

Here is something a friend of mine suggested to me that I should do either a Top 5 or Top 10 Badass Vampires Of All Time. I think it sounds fun but I rather do my own Top 5 Badass Vampires. Besides that, I know some of you might and might not agree with my choice.

My Top 5 Badass Vampires
  1. Drake a.k.a. Dracula from "Blade Trinity"
  2. Jared Nomak "Blade II"
  3. Russell Edgingtion "True Blood"
  4. Deacon Frost "Blade I"
  5. Selene "Underworld"
Below are the images from My Top 5 Badass Vampire Lists:

Drake a.k.a. Dracula

Jared Nomak

Russell Edgingtion

 Deacon Frost


Now if your wondering why these vampires are badass? (Videos are provided below after each characters, noted that I do not own these videos ~ Enjoy)
  • Drake - He is the original and very strong. He can shape-shift into any human he wants and when he shows his true color DAMN! (watch the movie then you will understand). He's obviously not a daywalker like Blade but he can walk under the sun. Nonetheless, the reason why he is on my No.1 badass vampire list is also because I find him to be so smooth and so evil with a very cool attitude (I am not sure if you get what I mean its alright you can ask me if you want). On the other hand, when Drake turns into the beast within he's lower jaw opens up like Jared Nomak and his upper mouth splits open too. I can safely say I have never seen this kind of vampire before.

    • Jared Nomak - Born as a vampire and a carrier of the "Reaper" virus, it is a mutation of the original vampire which bring alarm to the vampire race. His physiology is different from other regular vampire because a regular vampire has two prominent fangs but Nomak is able to split his lower jaw in exposing his fangs. He will be able to paralyze his victims when he feeds. Has no effect on garlic and silver bullets. Has somewhat the same interest as Blade meaning Blade hates vampires and Nomak hates vampires too.

    • Russell Edgingtion - Vampire King of Mississippi. Over 3000 years old. Quite charming, witty and cultured. Has an army of werewolf's. When he wants something he will get it and if someone gets in his way, he will destroy them (based from what I observed).

      • Deacon Frost - A ladies man. Was turn into a vampire. Frost wants to bring upon The Blood God's and to active it he will need Blade's blood.

      • Selene - Born to a Hungarian family. Frequently uses her superhuman physical abilities and her super strength to pin Micheal against the wall. Performs amazing leaps and strikes her enemies with incredible force.

      Basically, all these characters are on my Top 5 list is because they are very eye-catching to me. Yes, they are very strong and some are mysterious. But the main thing is they are able to catch my attention. I can't explain it in details because most of the explanations are the same. I also know that most of you who are reading my blog now do not agree with my choice but Hey! everyone has their own choices.

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