Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Vampire Website

Today I decided to go through my article's comments because I can't remember how many comments people comment on an article and then I found a new comment on "Introduction to Vampire & History Of Vlad III The Impaler". This person was kind enough to give me a website to which I Google it as 'MR/MRS Anonymous' asks so. (For the record I am not sure if I am allow to displaying the name if this website because I do not wish to provoke trouble, if the website is not allow to be display on my blog please do let me know so I may remove it from my blog) The website is "Drink Deeply and Dream" (please visit if you wish to know more).

There's quite a few stuff you can read in this website. They are well organized to which category you want to read. Besides that, you can also ask them questions. Above that, they even have their own store, which they sell hats, t-shirts and more. 

By the way, if anyone has any good vampire website please let me know. I do love a good read.
Thank You =D

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