Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sexy Vampires

Since I made a Top 5 Badass Vampires of my choice. Now it is time to make my own Top 5 Sexy Male Vampires and Top 5 Sexy Female Vampires. Alright since I am not a fan of Twilight then my Top 5's does not contain any Twilight characters. To whoever is reading this I hope you will enjoy =)

Let begin shall we?

My Top 5 Sexy Female Vampires

[No. 1] - Akasha "Queen Of The Damned"
    • Her creation as the first vampire occurred circa 4011 BC before the first civilizations. She was worshiped by her progeny through the ages as a myth than a leader and was described by many names. Nonetheless, her original spouse was Enkil. In her human life, she originated from the city of Uruk in the Tigris and Uphrates Valley. Then she went to Kemet met Enkil and became his bride. Akasha became a vampire when she was bitten by Amel. Moving on, she is on my number one list because she is Hot, Sexy, Powerful, Ancient, she moves like a snake (when she dance) and I love they way she talk.

    [No. 2] - Selene "Underworld"
    • As I said before in my last entry on my favorite Top 5 Badass Vampires. Selene always shows her superhuman physical abilities. She can easily kill young vampires with just a few hits. (I did not write much information on Selene because most of her info are already written on my last entry). Next, she is on my number two sexy female vampire because she is of course sexy, handles her weapons well and has killer eyes. 

    [No. 3] - Jessica Hamby "True Blood"
    • She is a young vampire or better know as a baby vampire. She was turn into a vampire by Bill Compton. Is now working at Merlotte's Bar and Grill as a waitress, used to be in a relationship with Hoyt Fortenberry. Before she was turn, Jessica was a god fearing middle class family in Louisiana who was home schooled. Her father always beats her with his belt for the very little things (like her undone chores and bad grades). Besides that, she was never allowed to have a cell phone, a computer, to date and have fun. Jessica was only allowed to listen to Christian music and her clothes must be old fashion (knee length dresses). One night she was persuade by her friends to sneak out and go to her classmate's party and she knew if she was caught by her parents there will be severe consequences. Who would know that it will lead her to her last night as human. Jessica Hamby is at number three because she is smoking HOT add along with her sweet and innocent look, beautiful and not forgetting sexy.

    [No. 4] - Pam (a.k.a. Pamela Swynford De Beaufort) "True Blood"
    • Pam was born in 1971, turned into a vampire in 1905 by Eric Northman. She is fiercely loyal to her maker. She is Eric's business partner at Fangtasia and she will received Eric's beneficiary if he would ever meet his true death. Pam loves women and she is on my top four because despite she loves the color pink, she is very fierce and has an interesting attitude. Nonetheless, she is Hot, Beautiful, Sexy and she has a cool attitude.

    [No. 5] - Lexi (a.k.a. Alexia Branson) "The Vampire Diaries"
    • A 350 year old vampire, whereby, she was born around 1659 and she became a vampire in 1680's. She is also Stefan Salvatore's best friend. She was eventually killed by Stefan's brother Damon Salvatore to prove that Mystic Falls has no more vampires. And every year on Stefan's birthday she visits him to celebrate his birthday. Lexi on my number five list because she is beautiful, nice and even though she is a vampire she still manages to find and keep her humanity.

      My Top 5 Sexy Male Vampires

      [No. 1] - Lestat "Queen Of The Damned"
      • He rise back from decades of long slumber and is determined to step into the light. Lestat was turn by Marius de Romanus. He no longer content with being banished into the shadows and moving among humans who does not see him as what he is so his mission is to reinvent himself as the closest thing to a God on Earth as a rock star. As he made his music which is heard across the world it manages to caught another vampires attention. Attention of the Mother of all Vampires "Akasha" who was resting for centuries. Moving on, Lestat is on this list because he is drop dead gorgeous, an awesome performer, has a very cool attitude and is So Sexy.

      [No. 2] - Drake (a.k.a. Dracula) "Blade Trinity"
      • He was waken in a Syrian Ziggurat Tomb by a group of vampires, which he manage to kill one (if you watch the movie). Drake was ask to kill Blade because he was eliminating the vampire race. To him humans are unworthy unless they prove themselves worth. Besides that, do I need to tell you why he is on my top two sexy male vampires? For those who love Drake, you would know that he is hot, sexy, skillful and very powerful.

      [No. 3] - Eric Northman "True Blood"
      • He is the vampire sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana which encompasses Bon Temps. Eric was turn into a vampire by Godric, he is over 1,000 years old as he was born in Scandinavia during the Viking age. He played by the North Sea as a child, which means he grew up in Denmark or Norway and he is the owner of Fangtasia. Is in love with Sookie Stackhouse, he would do by any means necessary to keep her and take her away from Bill Compton. He unbelievably hot, handsome, sexy, powerful, vicious and well connected.

      [No. 4] - David "The Lost Boys"
      • He was the leader of a vampire gang in Santa Carlas back in 1987. His is mostly calm, smart and lazy. David and his vampire gang always ride on their motorbikes. On the other hand, he is one hell of sexy vampire and at some point he is quite beautiful. (Check out the movie "The Lost Boys 1987").

      [No. 5] - Angel "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"
      • Angel or Angelus, he was born in a middle class Irish linen merchant back in 1727. At the age of 26 he's hooked deeply into alcohol, women and sloth. Angel actually has a good heart and is a well educated man. One day, being what he always is drunk, he manages to catch Darla's attention. Darla lure by promising to show Angel the world and also turn him into a vampire. Nonetheless, when he becomes a vampire it would mean that he will loose his human soul, as where the demon will take over his body. This will mean that he will act upon his dark impulses with no remorse. When Angel's soul was restored and he met Buffy, Angel immediately fell in love with her and the rest is history. Angel is tall, dark and handsome (as they all say), also not forgetting very mysterious. Which is why he is on my top five. 

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